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In South Africa abortion is legal and you do not need permission from any one, not from your parents, boy friend or even husband. It is a choice you take and take alone. No one is supposed to judge you.

What is abortion:

Abortion is induced miscarriage. Losing a child naturally happens and it is known as miscarriage. It means that your body has rejected the fetus and it expels it out your uterus. But some times you are forced due to person reasons to get medical intervetion that results into induced miscarriage. This is known as abortion.

Abortion is legal in SOuth Africa up to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks there must be a compelling reason why you want to terminate. So do not delay the decision. Decide which way you want to go and terminate.

Why Choose Abortion

An unplanned pregnancy will lead to an impossible-to-negotiate future.

If you are still in school or staying with your parents the negative impact of a child pushes to abort.
Financial instability is another reason that makes you abort.
Relationship problems / unwillingness to be a single mother - If the to be father is absent in your life then why keep the baby. Avoid problems and abort.

Some other reasons that may make you abort are:

You already have children and can not afford or want more children then it is logical to terminate.
If you are not ready to become a mother. You a child yourself.
If you don't want others to know about my pregnancy or that you are having sex
Your husband/partner wants you to have an abortion
If there is a problem with the health of fetus
If there is a problems with your own health
If your parents want you to have an abortion

These are some of the reasons that force you to have an abortion. It is a painful decision but it is actually the right one to make.

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