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In South Africa abortion is legal and you do not need permission from any one, not from your parents, boy friend or even husband. It is a choice you take and take alone. No one is supposed to judge you.

Medical Abortion

It is the safest method to terminate an early pregnancy. Medicine is used to target the fetus, cut off nutrients from it and the expel it from the uterus. The body of the woman is not violated at all and it is very safe as all it does is similar to triggering your menstrual cycle to start again.

In the setting of medical abortion women take pills to basically induce a miscarriage, to induce an abortion.

In many countries of the world, women essentially take these pills at home and have the miscarriage, or the abortion, at home. And I just want to note here, that this approach has been shown to be highly safe and effective.

The effectiveness rates, and what we mean by effectiveness is that the woman safely and effectively has the abortion process or the miscarriage process at home with no need for any surgical intervention, are about 95% to 98% , depending on the actual gestational age.

Now, that being the case, you can understand for the vast majority of women, they really donít need to come in to the office for a follow-up.

If there was a way that we could help the woman even at home, or even if she did come to the doctorís office, avoid the need for the more expensive technology and use a simple, cheap test that would have a result for us in a few minutes, that would be a valuable tool. That is, if there was some way that we could determine who really would benefit from some follow-up and who really doesnít need it that would be great.

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