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Early pregnancy termination is far safer than child birth.

Pregnancy symptoms

1. See if you're feeling nauseous. Morning sickness is a very real thing. Many expectant mothers feel morning sickness during the early part of the day; it's a feeling of nausea and an aversion to smells that previously had no effect on you, such as the smell of certain cooked foods.

2. Check for soreness in your breasts. Sore and tender breasts are a common symptom of pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy, your breasts will get larger and your nipples may darken and grow. However, sore breasts are also a sign that you're about to get your period.

3. See if you're fatigued. Many women are also fatigued during the first trimester of their pregnancy. If you're feeling unusually tired while getting plenty of rest and not feeling overly burdened for any reason, then your pregnancy may be the cause.

4. See if your bathroom habits change. If you're urinating a lot more frequently without any reason you can think of, or if you're suddenly constipated while previously not having any trouble with your bowels, then you may be pregnant.

5. Be on the lookout for mood swings. Pregnancy comes with some serious hormonal changes that can have a major impact on your mood. You could be crying one minute and then feeling ridiculously happy the next minute for next to no reason.

6. See if you're feeling dizzy. If you're suddenly getting dizzy when you stand up quickly, walk up stairs, or just for no reason at all, then you may be pregnant.

You can have all these symptoms and still not be pregnant. The best to confirm is to go for a pregnancy test. Pharmacies have home pregnacy test kits that are very accurate. Buy one from them and ask them how to use it.

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