Women Reproductive Health

Having a child should be a choice. You should not be forced into child birth when you are a child yourself, if your finances do not allow, if you do not have a committed partner or any other reason unique to you. Having and looking after a child is very serious business that you should only and only join if you are ready.

Abortion Services by Women Reproductive Health

We offer the following services:


1. a pregnancy test
2. a chance to speak with a trained staff person about all of your choices
3. a conversation with the health care provider about your health history
4. medications to make the abortion more comfortable
5. birth control information

For Patients Under 18

If you are a minor considering an abortion, you do not need consent from any person to get an abortion.

Prices and Payment Information

Please contact this health center for abortion services pricing information.

Payment is expected at time of service unless other arrangements have been previously made.

Medical Aids do not normally pay for abortion.

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